Webservices Migration



Background :

ACOSS used two different webservice architectures and wanted to upgrade and unify them without impacting on the rest of the IS nor the performance levels.

It was therefore a matter of renewing the two layers of intermediation in a totally transparent manner.


Description of the solution

The two historical architectures have been replaced by a single architecture using an application server invoking Cobol transactions via Move Solutions middleware that also manages transactional integrity.

The new solution is embedded within a container to facilitate its deployment and ensure the isolation of this part of the IS.


Means used (and duration)

The project was carried out in two stages:

– A first phase of prototyping in order to validate the technical feasibility and the operational character of the new solution.

– A second phase of industrialization with an allotment of the migration of the existing services.


Results reached

After the project, ACOSS has a new solution with no licensing costs.

This new architecture will enable ACOSS to continue to secure services and greatly increase interoperability between Java / Cobol and Cobol / Java.

It has not been necessary to recompile the Cobol programs of the backend, thus guaranteeing that the deployment of the new services will have no impact on the rest of the IS.