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Archiving of data and documents from AG2R Group’s Information System Applications intended to be decommissioned:



Background :

For many years, the AG2R La Mondiale group has been continuously rationalizing its information systems. It is driven by the need for consistent and secure platforms to archive documents and data from heterogeneous sources:

  • Several internal applications

  • Several software packages used by the services: EURASSUR (Publisher IGA), MUTCIM (Ex-IZY Protect from publisher CIM), WebEpargne (Publisher FIMASYS) …

  • Both on the mainframe and on x86 infrastructures.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has developed a data and document archiving offer with a dedicated approach. It contains a storage system and archived data consultation screens accessible to business lines, MOA and MOE.

In 2014 and 2015 MOVE Solutions archived data from 5 supplementary pension ISs from AG2R La Mondiale. These Information Systems had previously been migrated to the Retirement Plant.

The satisfaction of the AG2R La Mondiale group encountered on these projects led it to select our archiving solution for future projects to be carried out within the group. This translates into 1 to 2 archiving projects completed each year for a total of more than 2 billion archived records in the areas of insurance, savings and health and provident insurance.

In addition, the solution is GDPR compliant and allows anonymizations, purges and data updates.


Moyens engagés (et durée)

Each project requires, from its launch to its production, a process that takes place on average over a period of 3 to 5 months.


Bénéfices obtenus

Since May 2014, the AG2R La Mondiale group has had an efficient archived data consultation solution.

It allows him to access the archived data and documents in complete autonomy:

  • From heterogeneous sources,

  • Consultable using the same operating mode, with detailed management of user profiles (secure access),

  • Consultable on the basis of the screens desired by users and set up very quickly with the screen generator of RECODE DATA LAKE,

  • Without having to pay for a software license and fully benefiting from the decommissioning of old systems.