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As part of the modernization of their information systems, all AGIRC ARRCO supplementary pension institutions have migrated to the new community system, Usine Retraite (UR), with the assistance of Move Solutions.

The UR programme consisted in migrating 130 institutions to a single platform with a central data migration problematic on very large volumes.

The UR applications were designed to secure the data quality  and were therefore very low permissive, which required a very high level of data quality.

The AGIRC ARRCO federations were therefore confronted with the need to control the quality and integrity of the data before loading, to facilitate migration projects for the various institutions that furthermore had to migrate with optimum performance requirements regarding the data volumes to manage.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has created and maintained in operational condition the loaders (Migration Kits) of the Rights and Financial Recovery applications using its migration technology which is 10 times faster than the same processing done in SQL or traditional coding.

The controls executions were externally driven, to be able to desactivate some  temporarily. A data clusters rejection system was implemented so as not to load inproper data and ease recycling.


Means used (and duration)

Development in 4 months for the Rights Kit and 6 months for the Recovery Kit then maintenance throughout the program by Move Solutions’ migration service center.


Results reached

AGIRC ARRCO institutions have been able to benefit from reliable and efficient Migration Kits throughout the duration of the UR programme. The excellent performance provided by Move Solutions’ technology made possible to migrate in a very short time even on the largest institutions.