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Modernization of MVS IDEAL DATACOM to Unix, J2EE COBOL, DB2



Crédit Agricole Banque Privée Suisse (CAPBS) develops and operates a banking management system that supports the management of 25 international private banks.

The system initially developed on IBM MVS, IDEAL and DATACOM was expensive to operate and strongly limited the development of digital applications. CAPBS wished to converge towards an open, costs saving  and perennial system based on an application server and a relational database.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions carried out the iso functional and iso performance migration of applications from the IDEAL language to COBOL Microfocus. The DATACOM database was migrated to DB2 and the operating system to Unix. The CICS transactional monitor functions were migrated to a Websphere application server. Each transaction is now available as a Webservice.


Means used (and duration)

The project was carried out by a team of Move Solutions experts in 24 months and then deployed incrementally, bank by bank.


Results reached

CAPBS has an open and perennial platform, costs friendly and totally interoperable with java and web technologies allowing it to facilitate digital developments at the service of its customers.