JSP migration to the responsive Framework Bootstrap



Crédit Agricole, faced with the increase in access to its web front office from mobile terminals, wanted to make it responsive and started the “New Customer Portal” project. Bootstrap was chosen as the target framework. Given the number of screens to be redeveloped in the target, Crédit Agricole considered an automatic migration of the JSPs to Bootstrap.


Description of the solution

Based on its multiplatform transformation tools, Move Solutions has implemented an automated converter from JSP to Boostrap libraries and an embedding of back end accesses in Webservices.

After a conclusive POC, the project went into an industrial phase integrating automated non-regression tests.


Means used (and duration)

The transformation project was carried out over approximately 4 months, followed by a support period to take into account the adjustments made necessary by changes in the target framework during the project.

The non-regression tests were carried out with a specific flow recorder and replay.


Results reached

The development workload was drastically reduced and secured the project schedule. The automatic transformation ensured also functional completeness.