Application Documents and Data Archiving from CREDIT COOPERATIF’s Information Systeme (IS) following its migration to the central IS of CAISSE d’EPARGNE (called MySys):



In May 2018, the management system of the CREDIT COOPERATIF bank must switch to the new Information System « MySys » of the Caisse d’Epargne. In addition, it is imperative that the archiving solution be active from Monday morning after the changeover weekend. Indeed, there is an obligation of very rapid decommissioning of old systems.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has developed a data and document archiving offer with a dedicated approach. It contains a storage system and archived data consultation screens accessible to business lines, project owners and project managers. The solution set up for CREDIT COOPERATIF made it possible to archive nearly 170,000,000 documents (5TB) and more than 1,300 data structures directly from Core Banking (1.5TB).

In addition, the powerful screen generator of RECODE DATA LAKE has also made it possible to constitute an environment for efficient and secure consultation of historical data. The Move Solutions team thus generated around 300 archived data consultation screens. And also implemented 10 specific tailor-made screens (with advanced rights management adapted to the profiles of each type of user).

Means used (and duration)

The archiving solution was built in parallel with the migration project. This project having started 7 months before the changeover.

Among the works, the automated and dynamic generation of the 300 screens and their distinctive links took only 3 man days. This underlines the performance of the RECODE DATA LAKE tooling.

Results reached

The speed of development of the mediation layer has resulted in the securing of the implementation schedule. This made it possible to make the archiving environment available on Monday after the changeover weekend. And this, in accordance with the Client’s requirements.

Therefore CREDIT COOPERATIF has had a fluid data consultation solution since May 2018. It allows him to access in complete autonomy the data and archived documents, resulting from applications however decommissioned.