IBM MVS DL1 Migration to the Azure Cloud



DEGOUDSE, the 5th biggest insurance company in the Netherlands, wanted to disengage from its MVS, DL1 and COBOL infrastructure to migrate to an open Microsoft Cloud Azure architecture.

A very big DL1 hierarchical database had been connected with a storage utility to increase its performance, making the project complicated regarding the performances.


Solution Description

Move Solutions performed the isofunctional and iso performance migration to a Windows system, SQL Server, Cobol Microfocus and an IIS application server.

The DL1 database was migrated to a relational model with an accessor system integrating cache technology to optimize performance.

The CICS transactional monitor functions were migrated to the IIS application server. Each transaction is now available as a Webservice through a Move Solutions middleware.


Resources used (and duration)

Team of Move Solutions modernization experts over 18 months.


Results reached

Production costs have been divided by 10!

The system is now based on modern, economical technology that is natively interoperable with Microsoft .net technologies.