Downsizing MainFrame IBM Zos


The economic and competitive environment is leading IT executives to reduce costs of [IT infrastructure] ownership.

Mainframes usually represent up to 50% of the costs alone. We offer you to replace them by more open, interoperable and cheaper to run architectures.

Our offer is based on the following principles:


Move Solutions’ principles of modernization

  • A state-of-the-art, scalable, upgradeable, interoperable J2EE target architecture
  • An optimal TCO (total cost of ownership) thanks to limited third party products
  • A smooth transition: the maintenance of the existing system can stay the same while giving you the opportunity to develop new & native features (as part of the new architecture)
  • A more effective and handier maintenance and development environment


A very significant and rapid ROI (Return On Investment):

In a modernization project, the key factor is the maintenance time of the converted application which truly determines the time over which the ROI must be measured.

Indeed, the lifespan of the application determines the technical architecture to be targetted which will be chosen so as to ensure optimum scalability and maintainability for the most sustainable applications.

The technological upgrade effort should then be maximum for applications intended to live long.

The price of the project is directly dependent on the automation of the transformations, which itself depends on the technological gap and the quality of the translators.


There are 2 types of winnings:

  • Immediate gains, such as savings on licenses, hardware and personnel costs related to the old platform,
  • Recurring gains brought by the new platform in terms of productivity for both users and IT professionals. These gains are therefore also a function of the new architecture and the possibilities it brings.

One can understand that the key points of a modernization operation are the recurring gains brought by the quality of the target and the automation of transformations.

The Tool-Centered Move Solutions modernization process optimizes the ROI of your project thanks to the exceptional performance of its converters, both in terms of the quality of the target application and that of the automation of the transformation.

Our Offer:

The project approach is summarized below. It begins with a study and prototyping phase before moving on to an industrial phase once the key points have been dealt with:

Our Tools:

Our DATA RECODE Suite perfectly handles differences between all kinds of relational DBMSs (RDBMSs) offered on the market. We convert your RDBMSs or DBMSs to Oracle, Udb, SQL Server, Sysbase, MySQL, PostGre…

The conversion of hierarchical DBMS and networks to a relational database model is entirely automatic. The new database model is entirely generated along with accesses, data transfer programs and data control programs.

Upgrades are provided by a maintenance suite we put at your disposal after the switch. Batch regression testing is automatic.

Our suite is based on configurable rules that can handle ‘home-made’ or proprietary languages.


Our Tool Suite is particularly suited to:

  • Migration to a software package,
  • Migration to new Information System
  • Creation of a data loader
  • Database Merge
  • Data Reliability Analysis
  • Deduplication of repository of Natural and Legal Persons



Our technology allows us to intervene in all technical environments:

Operating Systems: MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, ICL, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000 vers Unix, linux, AS400…


Langages : Cobol, CICS, Fortran, C, Assembleur, CSP, Telon, Pacbase, natural, Ideal, NSDK, Powerbuider … to Java, Dot Net, RPG, Cobol…

Business Cases

Business Cases

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