Format Extension


Due to its development or regulatory constraints, some data often deeply embedded in the systems must undergo format changes.

This operation requires processing a large number of components exhaustively and within a short time. The use of proven tools and methodology secures and makes this operation safe and much cheaper.

Our Offer:

The analysis, transformation and non regression tests are very highly automated. You will benefit from the experience of a team highly skilled in this type of project.

The productivity of our workshops makes it possible to greatly reduce costs and to respect your schedule.


The expansion of fields notably induces the following transformations:

  • Resume the files, databases, parameter tables containing enlarged data and used in production processing, knowing that historical data, backups, archives can be processed out of sync,
  • Take the parameters of the JCLs like the SYSINs
  • Resume the communication zones between programs and subprograms,
  • Modify DELETE-DEFINE files and database creations,
  • Modify the sorting criteria on the enlarged fields and on the fields having an offset greater than an enlarged area,
  • Modify in JCL, the formats of enlarged files,
  • Modify screens and reports displaying enlarged data, realign column headers,
  • Modify the conditions with hard values ​​in the programs,
  • Resume the calculation algorithms based on the concept contained in the enlarged data,
  • Resume the “occurs” tables whose number of occurrences depends on an enlarged data,
  • Interfacing exchanges to accept old formats,
  • Functionally modify certain transactions
  • Propagate the consequences of the modification in the derived zones.

Our Tools:

The number of objects constituting an information system has grown enormously in recent years and the volumes to be treated are no longer on a human scale. In addition, the components have become heterogeneous, and rely on various technologies ranging from assembler to java via the cobol client server, L3G and L4G.

On area expansion projects in the banking world, we have dealt with the heritage of more than 26,000 programs, 65 million lines of code with very high impact rates. The quality of our approach and the performance of our workshops allow us to process a project to extend areas on such heritage within a few months.



All format extension projects.


Our technology allows us to intervene in all technical environments:

Operating Systems: MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, ICL, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000…


We have strong functional skills and numerous references in Banking, Insurance, Retirement, Pension, Distributions, HR, Human Resources, etc…

Business Cases

Business Cases

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