Pictogramme représentant la Modernisation du SI

Information system Modernization

What Modernization of the information system means ?

To meet the expectations of your internal and external customers, your information systems must be functionally and technically able to integrate the latest technologies.

Our offer ―also called system conversion or system migration― enables you to upgrade one or several technical components (operating system, language, DBMS, application web-enabling, downsizing). Free your company from an obsolete architecture and offer improved services to its users. We help you build an IT architecture able to inter-operate with the latest technologies.

We carry out your projects with a commitment to results. As the key to any successful project, we meet the performance and planning specified in full conformity with your budget.

A highly automated software suite is the key

Upgrade your information system and database with our highly automated software suite ―Move’s Recode-Workbench, which analyses, processes and assesses the system.

We implement a new technical architecture, which enables you to make further developments.

We perform a smooth migration ―both for your data and your teams―to the new, entirely native architecture without any run time. It guarantees you the best performance and a complete independence from your service providers.

Our approach

Our approach to upgrade IT infrastructures is the following:

Study Pilot Automation Go-live Running
Mapping Prepare environment Batch conversion Integration Running
Study Conversion Tests Maintenance reports Maintenance
Modelling Simulation
Batch processing Switch to migration scheme

In which case should you upgrade your IT infrastructure?

  • Downsizing of expensive to run systems
  • Migration to an open architecture
  • Application web-enabling
  • Data structure expansion
  • Mass processing
  • Deleting or replacing technical components


Our conversion technologies can also be used for the following:

  • Application de-interleaving
  • Automated regression testing
  • Automatic programming: data extractors, interfaces…
  • Documentation generation


Generally, thanks to its specific functions ―impact search, processing and assessment, Move Solutions’ software suite enhances the reliability of maintenance and developments, as it brings about significant improvements in quality and productivity.

Upgrade your IT infrastructure with Move Solutions’ technology


Platform Migration

IBM MVS, VSE, AS400, Bull Gcos, Unisys, HP3000, …

We perform the migration of your platform to open architectures (Unix, Linux, Windows).


Change of language

We convert assembly languages, Natural, Cobol, Ideal, PL1, RPG, Pacbase, CSP, Telon… to open and upgradable environments (Java, .net…)


Change of DBMS

We convert and transfer the data from your DBMS

Adabas, Datacom, DL1, IDS2, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, SQLserver…


Architecture upgrade

Migration to open architectures (J2EE or.net)

Implementation of web services



Third Party Application Maintenance

Data structure expansion, new utility programs

Reengineering and code reliability


Enterprise architecture (Urbanization)


Reverse documentation

Dividing into applications (de-interleaving)


Environments, languages and examples


We work in all kinds of IT environments:

Operating systems (OS): MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000 to Unix, linux, AS400…

Database Management systems (DBMS): DB2, ORACLE, SYBASE, SQLserver, SQL, INFORMIX, DL1, IDMS, IDS2, ADABAS, DATACOM, IMAGE…



Cobol, CICS, Fortran, C, Assembly languages, CSP, Telon, Pacbase, natural, Ideal, NSDK, Powerbuilder… to Java, .net, RPG, Cobol



We converted MVS Cobol to Linux Java, Visual Basic to Java, NSDK to Java, PowerBuilder to Java and performed client/server migrations to Java …

Business Cases

Business Cases

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Data loader and Migration Kits
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