An unexpected record time for the migration of several thousand MACIF contracts!


It was a bet and it has been won since barely 6 months were enough for the MOVE Solutions teams to support CEGEDIM in the migration of several thousand contracts from a portfolio of MACIF contracts from the Mutuelle des Métiers Electroniques et Informatiques (MMEI )!

The stakes were high because it was necessary to master this complex scope in a very short time and set up the migration tools from a ‘Source’ situation characterized by a complex ‘proprietary’ format, specific to MACIF.

The business knowledge of the MOVE Solutions teams formed a solid basis for rapidly deploying its recognized expertise in data analysis and reliability, which flowed into the project in a complementary way to CEGEDIM’s management and assistance to the Client.

Finally, the tools built for data transformation proved to be particularly effective and made it possible to validate the record time for this migration, the changeover of which took place without incident on the weekend of October 16/17.