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Successful migration for BMCI (BNP PARIBAS Group): a three-step scale to set the path for future deployments!

During the weekend of August 22nd, the 3rd changeover (or the changeover of the 3rd batch) of the migration of BMCI (BNP PARIBAS Group) to the banking software SAB2i, now the spearhead of SOPRA Banking Software, took place.

This is the first part of a more global approach of the BNP PARIBAS Group, the BMCI constituting a form of pilot which will enable the Bank to carry out with increased control and performance the deployment of the software package on other international subsidiaries.

The implementation of this Core-Banking solution was the work of IBM teams who worked for several years on the project, supported on the data migration part by MOVE Solutions. The switch to the new system was planned in three phases/batches, the last one being carried out on August 22.

Given the scale of the project – BMCI is one of the largest banks in Morocco where it is deployed through more than 370 branches – as well as the constitution of the ‘Source’ environment, characterized by old and very varied systems, MOVE Solutions’ ability to provide high-performance tools was decisive. They indeed brought serenity and flexibility on the evolution of the migration rules, without regression during the project: this allowing to continue to evolve on the ‘target’ configuration of the Business processes and the implementation of the user interfaces.