Our Vision

Expert Robots and AI

The vision and business model of Move Solutions is based on the realization that it is faster, cheaper and more reliable to carry out projects with Expert Robots than to carry them out by hand.

Therefore imagining and designing these complex systems, capable of processing billions of pieces of information through multiple learning cycles, is at the heart of MOVE Solutions’ know-how.

R et D



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Our strengths

The R&D Team

The R&D team is made up of Experts, whose expertise concerns languages, compilation and transpilation (i.e. transformation from one language to another), with Legacy input from other team members, for the impregnation of these technologies.

In addition, as we always start from a project – which is a Client issue – and the objective is to improve our toolbox, there is always an Expert assigned to a Project / Client: this is the DT Correspondent (Technical Direction) and he intervenes as soon as possible in the Project (from the Specifications if possible) and even during the Go-Nogo.

This Expert plays the role of bi-directional interface to supply the Project with the tools and the R&D team with improvement objectives. To the notion of “Specialist” which is exclusive and enclosed in silos, we prefer more inclusive approaches and “Cross expertise” because our approach to the team is above all “spatial”: permanent animation to obtain great fluidity and continuous progress.


Our commitment

Our R&D creates Value for our Customers

Make technical trajectories possible even when they were deemed impracticable: this is the whole issue of creating value made possible by our automation and industrialization tools.

Make them possible thanks to an ability to technically apprehend data and application heritage deemed too complex, to transform them into exploitable and operational systems, where all other approaches have found their limits.

Make them financially possible thanks to a degree of automation such that the project becomes realistic and controllable within reasonable financial envelopes and bringing an excellent ROI.

Since 2005, MOVE Solutions teams have put this tool at the center of their activity, and this is what gives the company a decisive advantage in creating Value for its Customers!



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