ANFH, central employee training agency of French civil hospital services, was implementing a new centralized management system with the need to merge within the same Agents repository, previously managed in 28 regional instances. Agents who had been able to follow training in different regions were present an average of three times in the different regional databases, for a total of 3 M occurrences, requiring deduplication so that only one occurrence could be kept for the same agent by selecting the most recent and accurate data.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has implemented its deduplication workshops based on phonemization algorithms and fuzzy logic matching of the descriptive data associated with each person.


Means used (and duration)

Migration and de-duplication were carried out over 2 months.


Results reached

The Agents repository has been migrated and deduplicated, from 3M to 1M€ of occurrences in phase with national statistics.