Logo ATTIJARIWAFA Bank (Petit Rectangle)


The strong development of Attijariwafa Bank has led to the opening of many new accounts and agencies requiring the evolution of the encoding in the information system in order to increase the size of these data structures in order to store a bigger number of agencies and clients.

The project required a consistent and reliable extension of these data throughout a multi-technology information system including a large number of DOS VSE, Ideal Datacom, Cobol, PowerBuilder, VB6 and java programs.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has carried out a tool-based transformation with the Move Recode toolkit, which provides many features as mapping, impact analysis, propagation, transformation and non-regression testing functions.


Means used (and duration)

The project lasted about 12 months and resulted in the bug free transformation of 16,000 objects.


Results reached

The reliability of the automatic transformation completely secured the project and reduced costs very significantly. No post-go live intervention was required.