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Migration and Mergers Service Center




The Banque Populaire group has for many years been continuously streamlining its information systems. This rationalization involves reducing the number of systems and instances with the recurring need to migrate and merge data in an industrial and reliable manner.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has specialized within its migration services center, a team dedicated to projects for the Banques Populaires Group as well as a systematic approach to capitalization based on tools, functionality and teams.

The solution implemented makes it possible to take charge in a secure and optimized manner of migration projects to the iBP platform as well as mergers of operational and decision-making systems.

The data migration and fusion technology guarantees perfect data quality, optimal performance and facilitates the qualification of migration by business teams.


Means Used (and duration)

Dedicated service center since 2007.


Results reached

The Banque Populaire group has a secure and optimized solution for data migration and fusion. As the teams are integrated into the Move Solutions migration service center, which has a very low turnover, capitalization and maintenance of skills from one project to another is guaranteed.