Archiving of data and documents from 3 overseas banks that have migrated to CEPAC (Banque de la Réunion, Banque des Antilles françaises et Banque de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon)
that have migrated to CEPAC (Caisse d’Epargne Provence-Alpes-Corse):




For many years, the Banque Populaire-Caisse d´Epargne (BPCE) group has continuously streamlined its information systems.This rationalization involves reducing the number of systems and instances. Leading to a recurring need to migrate and merge data in an industrial and reliable manner.

In September 2015, Caisse d’Epargne Provence-Alpes-Corse (CEPAC) finalized the takeover of the three overseas banks (Banque de la Réunion, Banque des Antilles Françaises and Banque de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon), which were already part of the group. Following the migration of data from the 3 banks in the CEPAC IS, the question arose of archiving migrated and non-migrated data.

This archiving was necessary because the migration only embarked what was necessary for the operation of the target. And this, while at the same time the old systems of the three overseas banks were to be decommissioned.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions has developed a data and document archiving offer with a dedicated approach. It contains a storage system and archived data consultation screens accessible to business lines, Project Owners and Project Supervisors.

The source systems are multiple and hybrid: original AS400 (most of the time), related applications and EDM.

The process made it possible to put the solution online on Monday morning after the changeover weekend. This allowed CEPAC to be on the post-switchover target processes as soon as possible. And thus consider a quick and smooth decommissioning of old systems.

The powerful screen generator of RECODE DATA LAKE has also made it possible to constitute an environment for efficient and secure consultation of historical data. This environment incorporates extensive rights management adapted to the profiles of each type of user.


Means used (and duration)

The archiving solution was built in parallel with the migration project, this work having started about 6 months before the switchover.

Results reached

The speed of development of the mediation layer has resulted in the securing of the implementation schedule. It also made it possible to synchronize harmoniously with the migration and even reduce costs.

In addition, all the historical data of the three banks remains accessible on the basis of a very easy consultation for users (thanks to the screen generator).

Finally, the solution made it possible to archive for each bank 3 full backups of CORE BANKING data as well as the appended data and documents that had been decommissioned.