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SAB is a leading Core Banking software publisher in France and Europe. As part of its integration projects, SAB has a recurrent need to migrate data from the legacy source to the pivot format of its injectors. The quality of the data must be perfect and the migration execution time in line with the switchover schedule that most of the time must be performed within a weekend.

How do these migrations work? SAB teams interviewed José BITCHACHI on this subject:



Description of the solution

Move Solutions, which has been supporting SAB since 2008 within its migration service centre, has capitalised heavily on the software package in order to optimise migration costs and duration and limit the publisher’s support needs.

The migration and data fusion technology guarantees perfect data quality and optimal performance and facilitates the qualification of the migration by the operational teams.

Move Solutions’ banking migration expertise also reinforces the quality of service provided.

Technical and functional reports easing to qualify the migration and to investigate anomalies are broadcasted to all the actors of the project within a portal. They cover the entire migration cycle from end to end and consolidate also the rejections of the software package’s injectors.


Means used (and duration)

Dedicated service center since 2008



Results reached

SAB benefits from an optimised data migration service with a limited need for support, allowing it to concentrate on parameterisation operations and taking into account the client’s specificities.

Migration load, duration and quality are optimised.