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Modernization of the purchasing management system



The SNCF’s purchasing department managed its operations on an MVS, COBOL, DB2 platform with an outdated client-server Easel front. The mainframe platform was very expensive to operate and the Easel technology no longer supported  and obsolete.


Description of the solution

Move Solutions migrated the entire application to a J2EE architecture on Linux Oracle Tomcat. The Easel front end was migrated to Primefaces and the Cobol back end was migrated to Cobol Microfocus.

Transactions run on an application server using Move Solutions technologies and are distributed as Webservices.


Means used (and duration)

The project lasted about 10 months.


Results reached

Production costs have been divided by 10 and the daily activity of 700 users is supported by a hardware infrastructure costing less than €25,000.

The application has been upgraded to modern technology. New developments can be made in Java, Cobol or a mix of both without constraint.