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Successful New IT Migration last weekend: using the latest generation of MOVE Solutions tools, Banque PALATINE is rolling out its ENVOL Strategic Plan!


Last weekend, the final phase of the migration of the Banque PALATINE information system took place, from a SAB environment to the internal proprietary Information System of the BANQUE POPULAIRE Group called Equinoxe. The MOVE Solutions teams are proud to have supported all the players in the project for 3 years and to allow Banque PALATINE to continue the deployment of its ENVOL Strategic Plan.

MOVE Solutions is also proud of the confidence of the BANQUE POPULAIRE Group, which has been exercised since 2007 through more than fifteen significant IT migration, data and application migration projects, as well as archiving projects in connection with decommissioning.

This trust was built in particular thanks to the performance of the tools developed by the R&D team of MOVE Solutions, the latest generation of these (improved UX, new project management and collaborative monitoring features with the cross-functional portal ) having been much appreciated on the project.