Core Banking Migration: success of the BFM (Banque Française Mutualiste) changeover!

It is a complex work carried out over several years by multidisciplinary teams which experienced a decisive high point on the weekend of 16/17/18 October last through the switch from Core Banking of the Banque Française Mutualiste (BFM) to the software package from SOPRA Banking Software – Formerly SAB2i.

The project mobilized, in addition to the IT and Business teams of the BFM accompanied by DELOITTE , those of SOPRA Banking and MOVE Solutions, the latter having even exceeded ten experts at the height of its work.

The particular difficulty of the project lay in the diversity of the applications of the ‘Source’, these having in addition strong historical links with repositories in use in the Societe Generale Group (In particular a series of active Webservices).

The powerful tools of MOVE Solutions were very widely used on the project, in particular for the analysis of the existing situation and the consistency of the data as well as for the mapping, in order to optimize the reconciliation with the ‘Target’.

Contract completed for this project which concerned all of BFM’s Clients, i.e. nearly 1.2 million public sector employees. Indeed, it should be remembered that the reference member of the BFM is the Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH) and that it serves hospital agents, teachers, soldiers, customs officers, gendarmes, police officers, territorial agents and State officials.