Data migration and merging mutual insurance


When bringing legal entities together or to streamline your IT production, you need to carry out information system merger projects.

We secure and industrialize your mergers thanks to our technology

The data of each of the entities must be harmonized and duplicated so as to ensure the consistent operation of the merged system.

This requires :

  • Harmonization of configuration

  • An often complex renumbering of all system keys

  • Deduplication of natural and legal persons.

The amount of information to be analyzed and processed is huge and can be largely automated thanks to our fusion workshops.

Our Offer:

Data quality is of crucial importance, we ensure the control of your data against the constraints of your new system.

The anomalies detected are corrected by specific migration rules or communicated to users for manual correction. The measurement and monitoring of data quality is carried out regularly throughout the project.

We produce functional syntheses comparing  the results of major treatments on the old and the new system. Any deviations are investigated and justified in order to converge as quickly as possible towards a fully operational system.



We automatically analyze all of your data assets and restore the configuration differences between your different data sets.

RENUMBERING: Generations of renumbering programs from the catalog of technical and functional rules established during the specifications

DUPLICATE REMOVALAutomated identification of duplicate People and Companies

COMPLEX AGGREGATIONS AND ATTACHMENT: Implementation of complex functional rules of aggregation or attachment.

Our Tools:

Our workshops have advanced deduplication functions based on phonemization algorithms to identify and merge duplicates. We also ensure the standardization of addresses in relation to the postal repository.

We provide you with our workshops which allow the migration process to be fully industrialized:

  • Visualization and analysis of data sources
  • Specification and sharing of migration or merger rules
  • Generation of migration programs
  • Functional control summaries.

Our mapping, analysis and code transformation workshops allow us to support you in a more global way in the evolution of your Information System… particularly on the following subjects: Retrodocumentation, IT Strategy Planning, Application unbundling, Code Modernization, Application porting…


  • Downsizing of costly systems to operate
  • Migration to an open architecture

  • Application Webization

  • Extension of zones/formats

  • Mass transformations

  • Removal or replacement of technical components

  • Application nesting

  • Automated non-regression tests

  • Program generation: Data extractors, interfaces…

  • Documentation generation


Our technology allows us to intervene in all technical environments:

Operating Systems: MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, ICL, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000 vers Unix, linux, AS400…


Languages : Cobol, CICS, Fortran, C, Assembleur, CSP, Telon, Pacbase, natural, Ideal, NSDK, Powerbuider … to Java, Dot Net, RPG, Cobol…

Business Cases

Business Cases

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