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Archiving, decommissionning, set up a data lake

An information system is continuously evolving, both in terms of applications and as regards the information it manages.

Over time, information of all nature is collected, created, generated and stored. We must keep it available for regulatory reasons or for occasional consultation but this cannot justify economically the maintenance and support of the applications that host it.


Fortunately, it is easy to store this information in an archiving application and restore it under original application format when requested by a user.


This way, we can save significant cost by decommissioning obsolete applications, archiving and retaining data for regulatory and audit requirements, while providing users with secure and intuitive access to information.


In addition, MOVE RECODE DATA LAKE archiving platform aggregates data from different sources to link them together and provide a comprehensive view for business benefit.


RECODE DATA LAKE also allows you to manage GDPR compliance.

Business Cases

Business Cases

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AG2R La Mondiale
Archiving of data and documents from AG2R Group's Information System Applications intended to be decommissioned.
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Application Documents and Data Archiving from CREDIT COOPERATIF’s Information Systeme (IS) following its migration to the central IS of CAISSE d’EPARGNE (called MySys)
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Archiving of data and documents from 3 overseas banks that have migrated to CEPAC
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GCOS 7 Migration to Oracle Unix
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Data archiving
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