A Data Archiving and Consultation Package

RECODE DATA LAKE is a software package for archiving and consulting data and documents. Our RECODE DATA LAKE offer provides you with a simple and economical answer to the problem of archiving computer data. This offering was born out of our expertise in data migration and application generation and was designed to meet the needs of our customers simply and economically.

It contains a storage system and archived data consultation screens accessible to business lines (business owner and IT services).

In addition, the powerful screen generator of RECODE DATA LAKE makes it possible to constitute an environment for efficient and secure consultation of historical data. This environment incorporates extensive rights management adapted to the profiles of each type of user.



RECODE DATA LAKE makes it possible to archive all source data, whatever their original medium, and to provide for each data structure, a query interface with simple or advanced search functions.

  • Data navigation is done via foreign keys.
  • Queries can be configured to provide users with a business vision that meets a particular need.
  • Results of a search or a query can be exported to Excel or in pdf.
  • Structured documents such as edits made on the source system or office documents can be archived and indexed.
  • Access to data is restricted to authorized users.
  • Data can be signed to ensure that it has not been tampered with.


Customer Benefits

With RECODE DATA LAKE, the Customer has a solution allowing him to access the archived data and documents in complete autonomy:

  • Coming from heterogeneous sources,
  • Consultable according to the same operating mode, with detailed management of user profiles for maximum access security,
  • Consultable on the basis of the screens desired by the users and set up very quickly with the screen generator of RECODE DATA LAKE (Thanks to its module for the automated and dynamic generation of numerous screens with their distinctive links),
  • Without having to pay for a software license and fully benefiting from the decommissioning of old systems.


Technical Infrastructure

Based on your data, we generate a stand-alone Java J2EE application based on free components in order to optimize the TCO, ensure the performance and the scalability of the solution.

Compatibility with ZFS or NTFS data compression significantly reduces the volume of data to be hosted.



We deliver a turnkey application on your environment or in hosted mode via a certified partner and provide maintenance and support if you wish.

Your data recovery needs can be completed as and when you need it.

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