Cartography workshop: KARTO

KARTO is a transformation-oriented multi-language application mapping software. It makes it possible to constitute the repository of useful components of your IT assets and to identify all cross-references between components.

KARTO allows you to isolate obsolete components, perform impact analyzes on upcoming transformations, identify points of attention to monitor, list components to retest after a modification, identify lines of code that can be causing an anomaly, etc …

KARTO: a software quality management tool focused on maintenance and transformation.



Business Cases

Business Cases

Logo SNCF (Format Rectangle)
Modernization of the purchasing management system
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IBM MVS DL1 Migration to the Azure Cloud
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Logo Crédit Agricole rectangle
CREDIT AGRICOLE Private Bank Switzerland
Modernization of MVS IDEAL DATACOM to Unix, J2EE COBOL, DB2
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JSP migration to the responsive Framework Bootstrap
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Logo APRIA Landscape
GCOS 7 Migration to Oracle Unix
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